The assessment process maps out the individual needs to perform in a job situation.

Our Assessment offers people with autism, and similar challenges, a potentially life-changing opportunity to identify talent that can be applied in a professional working environment. We work together with our candidates to figure out what their special skill-set includes, what are their personal and professional competencies and interests, and what special needs or challenges do they have. For most of our candidates, this initial process is often the first step on a career path they may have thought would never be open to them.

Mapping out talent

Our initial goal is to see past the diagnosis and identify the talent: talent such as be the ability to identify patterns not clearly visible to most, or the ability to maintain deep concentration for longer-than-normal periods of time, to have an outstanding memory, or to be able to perform certain tasks over and over again without ever making a single mistake. The options are as varied as the personalities of our candidates.

We understand too that, because of the nature of autism, Aspergers, ADHD and similar challenges, our candidates often have very specific needs or challenges when it comes to a potential workplace. Some, for example, may need flexibility in their working hours, others may need specific mentoring, or a very clear and predictable structure to their day. Every candidate is different. It’s up to our staff to map out individual needs for support, guidance and workplace adjustments.

Once we have established the candidate profile, we then work to match the candidate to opportunities. If, for example, the candidate has a profile that matches jobs in the IT field, then in most cases we offer them work as Specialisterne Consultants to one of our corporate partners, ensuring that we have a mentorship agreement in place.

In cases where a candidate’s profile doesn’t match jobs offered by our corporate partners, we provide additional support and guidance in identifying alternative job or education opportunities: working in tandem with local autism organizations and government agencies.

The process

The assessment process is typically run in small groups of no more than 4 people. It is a multi-stage assessment process:

  • Clarification on whether or not the candidate is capable of entering the job market and maintaining a job
  • Description of the candidates’ strengths, special aptitudes, capabilities, interests, needs, and qualification Profile
  • A basis for the candidate to make decisions about his or her own career direction
  • If a candidate is suitable the creation of the candidates’ Personal Profile or CV.

If you would like to find out more about our Assessment, please contact Peter Brabazon.

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