About Specialisterne

Specialisterne (which translates from Danish as “The Specialists”) is an innovative social business concept originally founded in Denmark in 2004. Specialisterne is internationally recognized as the first and foremost example of how people with autism (Autism Spectrum Disorder) can become effectively included in society, and provide valuable, high quality services to their employers.

Specialisterne works to enable jobs for  people with autism, and similar challenges, through social entrepreneurship, innovative employment models, and a national change in mindset.

Specialisterne – A Social Enterprise

Specialisterne employees are  people with a diagnosis within the autism spectrum, primarily Asperger’s Syndrome, but many have a second or third diagnosis as well. Specialisterne provides valuable services for the business and IT sector, on market terms, and also provides assessment and training services to identify and develop each individual’s unique talents further.

Specialisterne, Denmark, and the overall Specialisterne concept, are owned by the Specialist People Foundation (SPF), a charitable foundation founded in Denmark in 2008. The goal of the foundation is to enable one million jobs worldwide for “specialist people” – people with autism and similar challenges with a passion for detail, and the potential to excel in the right role in business, given the right circumstances.

How can you help

Everyone can contribute to our goal by volunteering, introducing us to key stakeholders, making donations, fundraising and telling the story of Specialisterne in your network.

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Our ambition is within three years to replicate Specialisterne as a sustainable business in Dublin, Limerick, Cork, Galway and Belfast covering Ireland.

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Working for Specialisterne

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