Autism as an advantage

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Specialisterne is transforming the way society perceives autism, focusing on the unique skills that become a competitive advantage in the business world.


We are aiming our efforts at people on the autism spectrum globally, where over 90% are unemployed. Statistics indicate that the prevalence rate of people with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) exceeds 1% of the population, but not everyone (in particular older people) is diagnosed today.

Due to their condition, people with ASD do not ‘fit in’ in today’s societies and mostly been rejected by the labour market as they have not been able to meet the standard requirements of being flexible, team players, empathic and good at handling stress They risk not being understood in the family, being bullied at school, dropping out of higher education, being rejected by the employers and a life in loneliness.


Provide employment and career opportunities for the 1% of the world’s population who generally are kept out of the job market due to their handicap, autism spectrum disorders.

We have set a goal for the next 10 years to enable (at least) one million new jobs for “specialist people”, that is our term for people with a business potential who needs special understanding and support to excel. We will achieve our goal by turning special abilities hidden behind the disabilities into competitive market advantages and put specialist people in places where they are given the understanding and support needed to excel.

We want to provide competitive consultancy services at market terms in order to be able to mainstream employment of specialist people in the business sector.


Specialisterne is internationally recognized as the first and foremost showcase example of how people with ASD can be come effectively integrated in society and provide real value of high quality to their employers. Specialisterne has successfully been operating in the Danish society since 2004, and are today involving over 100 people as staff, candidates, students and consultants.

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